To keep customer relationships alive and thriving, it’s important to learn the different ways to improve their experience once they’ve made a purchase. Whether you’re selling a product or a service, find unique and creative ways to help your customers even further once you’ve serviced them.

Most energy and tactics spent from businesses are for potential and new customers who they would like to impress for a successful sale. But once the sale has been made, the business still spends most of their time and resources reaching out for someone new again. New business is always great business but have you ever thought about taking care or reviving what you’ve already accomplished? It’s proven that the cost to retain existing customers is less than retrieving new.

Building relationships are a huge part of the growing process and should be focused on whether it’s old, current or new.

This will require a long-term plan that, once established, gains the loyalty needed to improve your chances of selling to an existing client again and again over a course of time. Below are a few things to consider and focus on in order to remain freshly in their mind, comfortable when they’re in need of your service and impressed enough to refer a friend.

  • Stay in touch
  • Make the buying process easy and less time consuming
  • Taking the time to thank your customers with a small gift of appreciation
  • Get in touch to gather their advice through surveys or polls; Listen and act
  • Taking care of non-satisfied customers
  • Reward the loyal and active customers