My last blog focused on three reasons to implement a new-hire survey. Here are some potential questions that will allow you to get the most valuable feedback from those new-hires.


  • Name
  • Hire Date
  • Job Title

Job Description:

  • Describe in your own words the three most important things you do in your job.
  • Do you feel that your job title is properly named?
  • Name the three most enjoyable aspects of your job.
  • Name the three least enjoyable aspects of your job.

Interview/Hiring Process:

  • Before interviewing for the job, were you familiar with our company/had you heard of us?
  • Was the job for which you were hired accurately described during the hiring process?
  • What was the most important factor in your decision to join our company?
  • Were you frequently updated and well-informed of the steps in the hiring process?
  • What was your motivation for choosing or accepting this position?
  • Did anything during the hiring/interview process surprise you?

Orientation and Training:

  • How can we improve the orientation process which introduces new employees to the company’s operations, personnel, products and services?
  • Were you given sufficient training to be successful at your job?
  • What can we do to better equip you so that you can excel at your job?

This type of survey should be given to new employees within the first 30 to 90 days and will provide leaders in the organization with a better understanding of the new employees’ attitude towards the hiring process, job goals/expectations and training. The new-hire survey will help employers refine their hiring and onboarding process in order to get the best talent in the most efficient and effective manner.